Love is the Potion

A compilation of short stories, poetry, and music lyrics.

Love Is the Potion is a favorite with readers of all ages. Our youngest children, when barely able to read, have been known to take this book to bed with them, memorizing the poetry and trying to read the short stories they have come to love. It has been illustrated in water color sketches by Joseph Rising. Some of the poetry goes all the way back to Beka’s earliest works at age 5, 8 and 9 years old, while most have been written in the last twenty years as she experienced motherhood, ranching, and contemplated the meaning in life. This book will soon be followed by a Volume Two, as Beka continues to overflow with poetry, music and an occasional fantastic tale.

Love and Life

Love is the Potion

He said, I have a notion Love is the secret potion We should wear with attitude today. Caressing to the senses Its doubtless too expensive For our silly pride to &hellip

Joy Rules

Joy is simple: Two apple pies Baked for a man With love in his eyes. &hellip


Just like the earth loves the late rain And holds it dearly Just like the sky loves the bright stars That light up her face, blessing the dark So we &hellip

DaddyBill’s Lap

My favorite books, my favorite rhymes Bottomless ice-cream any time If Mama wasnt looking. Jokes and riddles, tricks and blue clay If I could I would stay all day And &hellip

If I Could Speak to Future Generations

If I could speak to future generations, My sons and daughters, their offspring to be, Id say, begin with, I dont know anything, Then ask for ears that hear, and &hellip


Love, I feel ageless As though Time has fled away Embarrassed by his Mere temporality in Our eternal god-like play. This type of poetry developed in Japan hundreds of years &hellip

A Future Date

(Written in masculine voice, loosely based on a dream.) My girlfriend is the daughter of a prominent leader. I, an outcast from the underground, was about to take her to &hellip

Coyote Bait

I saw a mother rabbit With a bunny on her back She knew he was too little To run from an attack. So she kept her bunny babe Perched up &hellip


I feel your body move and turn Inside of mine. All your contours I would learn To know youre fine. Built like a flower neath the sun, A clover stem. &hellip

The Heritage

The angels looked down from above and wondered at a child Who without deeds much fair or foul had won the Masters smile A child whose path seemed blessed all &hellip

To My Children

May you all stand And not one fall When that which is shaken Shakes one and all With stance aware Balanced and true Let your voice awaken The world made &hellip

The Royalty of Love

Cold sand between our tiny toes Is squishing up in lumpy rows To make us laugh and wade again into the oceans cleansing wave. I wrinkle up my freckled nose &hellip

Music Rising

Rhythm. Color. Resonance. Fractals. Aerodynamics. Reciprocals. You overflow with curiosity Ever expanding with truth. Youre the music of Humanity Gods creation expressed in a boy As long as it lasts, &hellip

Life Rising

She is the Rising and the Eve, Life that knows the way to breathe: Living like Love should be proved. She paints the world around her now With colors, motion, &hellip

Song Rising

I like the way you walk beside me While we work and laugh and play My friend who never will forget me Not even when Im old and gray. I &hellip

Praise Rising

Litsi bitsi is my friend A lively, sparkling beauty If ever I should need a hand She is right there to help me. Freckles on her upturned nose Green eyes &hellip

Sunshine Rising

So much more than sparkles A cure for weary bones Joy that cant be dampened Honey girl, shine on! When the days are weary And we all need a song &hellip

Joy Rising

If I could give you any advice On how to live a content, purposeful life— Have I? Well, yes. I would say that I did. Why am I content now, &hellip

Courage Rising

What can I say to capture the way The light and the color collide? What can I sketch to capture the quest Of Creations breathtaking tide? How can I be &hellip

Again and When

I saw you from the corner of my eye Where you were hiding Tucked away deep inside my heart and mind Just hidden well enough for me to find (Yes, &hellip

I Love You Like

I love you like a ripe melon On the hottest summer day Absolutely satisfying In the most delightful way. Like the fun I had a-shootin Watermelon seeds at you Happy, &hellip

Sol a Sol

How well do you love me, Spring flowers croon Flirting their petals at strong, burning Noon. Well! But— I love thee less than a man Loves the white fingers he &hellip

Grief and Consolation


If only sorrow, like a cistern, could be emptied of tears And soak the barren soil of this loss, causing life to return. Would that not be more natural? But &hellip

I Know This

One grows accustomed to grief as to pain. The limp becomes less pronounced since the day of injury. It is no longer noticed as often nor does it impede as &hellip

I Will Sing You a Song

I will sing you a song about my grief For the one I am missing is so sweet. But when you come to take me home And I kneel before &hellip

The Name Song

Through the haze of cedar smoke I saw grandfather take his drum from the end of the cot where he slept. The bold red, black and white pattern of the &hellip

The Healing

I stood alone in silence Watching time and space Looking for lost patterns Drying my wet face. Then I saw a moment When-where Ill see the whole Somewhere, sometime distant, &hellip

Somewhere Else

Sometimes there is a face You cant forget. An arching eyebrow, Pink-bow lips Sweet, searching gaze That somehow is still here. And always will be. They call it, life, I &hellip

Rise Up Again

Today, I thought if I could Travel to the past and change anything Then, if I would, or not, and why. To save a life? To warn myself and live &hellip



This Life sure is a grueling piece of work (Id rather have a nap beneath the trees.) But Im fighting through the snares I, or someone else, left here— I &hellip


Thank God, theres more to Life than rest in peace! I doubt I would have kicked myself in gear To become what he could see. If itd all been left &hellip

The Saints

Two miracles at least, they said, But did not count those whod been dead Diagnosed with cancer. A doctor without license gave Hope and life. He tried to save With &hellip

The Maid

(Jeanne Darc) He said this life is just the seed Of what my soul can grow to be And if I save myself from pain How can I have a &hellip

Tripping Breathless

Life is rarely level ground Fact, its mostly up or down Scaling mountains, crossing fords Often lost, but never bored Weary, desperate valley fights Tripping breathless oer the heights! &hellip

Question For the Guru

I climbed this mountain for the answers Led here by the legend of your fame And if I didnt die I planned to ask you why Hoping for the answers &hellip

Strange Encounter

We were taking a walk, my husband and I, in the late afternoon of a sunny day in Autumn. The leaves on the oak trees had turned bright gold from &hellip

Self Portrait

I was dressed—and dressed to a T, Whatever the heck that might mean. To me it means, no one could see Who I really was. I looked like a smart, &hellip

God Saves the Queen

(from the heros perspective) They told me how to stand and walk They made me memorize the talk Then beat me when I tried to balk Those gods are cruel &hellip


Faith is not quantity or quality belief. It matters not how strong your faith, For your belief is nothing great. Its will not save, in any case. But rather, in &hellip


And then suddenly, I was found. Its like a poem I didnt get Until the end. And even then I wasnt sure, until one day It happened exactly that way. &hellip

The Minstrel’s Song

(Psalm 11) I plead my case before the righteous judge: Why should I hide when Ive done nothing wrong? Why do the evil boast aloud? What is this violent, jeering &hellip

The Mountains

Oh, dont go there, he said, you surely will die! Theyll tear you to pieces and eat you alive. The mountains are dangrous, the woods full of teeth Sides, how &hellip

We Ate the God of Play-Pretend

(from a dream) I dreamt a vale where rivers ran Verdant green spread oer the land Woodland folk, trees, beasts and man Prospered in the lees. And there a giant &hellip

Starstruck in Limberlost

He didnt know (he couldnt have) How much the ride would cost Blind in the strobe, the smoke, and glow Starstruck in Limberlost. The high was high, the low was &hellip

Alien Encounter

(a dream) They came to destroy everything—not in malice or revenge, and not to rob or dominate. They were sent, like a demolition team, to remove a dangerous, life-threatening situation &hellip

The Least One

(A dream) I was walking down the street of a village in an arid Mediterranean country. The street was cobbled stone. On one side there was a long, continuous row &hellip

Befriended by Life

Friend, if youve got a hand on your shoulder A smile from the eyes of a lover nearby A fire to warm your hands when its colder There isnt much &hellip

Singer in the Mire

A needles shot of pain and fear (this drug the Enemy found dear) Made from souls tormented here A harvest dark and mean. The Adversary boasted win Sad, hopeless cries &hellip

Kiss and Tell

Once upon a day eternal Round the dawning of a year God was found in meditation Oer this slowly turning sphere Ive an excess of sheer blessing I would like &hellip


She laughed With those bright eyes dancing and her head thrown back Like a poppy flower throwing pollen to the wind. She sang With her mouth open and taut with &hellip


Dignitaries dancing in the sky A perfect set of turns going by Ancient bow and spin with solemn grace Not one eer misstepped or skipped a pace. It is the &hellip

God Who?

God is such a common word used by everyone I know, kept like an I.D. As if to say, this is me, and these are my walls. God is a &hellip

Love is the Potion

Poetry, prose, short stories and music lyrics Copyright 2017 by Rebekah Joy Rising
All art and illustrations Copyright 2017 by Joseph Courage Rising

Just For Fun


Sometimes a rhyme will sweep my mind Cleaning away the clutter. Sometimes a riddle paints the void Turning my grays to color. Sometimes a song untangles me Weaving my threads &hellip

The Smile

Passing a child in a shopping cart I heard him moan and fret He had no want of anything For all his needs were met. With pudgy cheeks and pudgy &hellip

The Persimmon Tree

(a true story, somewhat embellished) I was nine years old. My brothers were seven and five. To escape the constant clamor of the two boys I had locked myself in &hellip

Everything I Need

Complicated Lifes too complicated. Overrated City lights are overrated. So Im heading for the Tulies And I tell you, truly, truly I got everything I need. (chorus) Hey now, I &hellip

Thundering Earthworms

Sitting in the garden on a sunny day in May All about me greening are the seeds of harvest play. The soil, like cottage cheese, but now black and wet &hellip

Beginning at the End

Life inside a package appearing worn and weak Begins unfolding in the dark, vibrant hopeful leaves Growing like a story, beginning at the end Motivated by the sunshine, strengthened by &hellip


When beauty laughs and scatters joy Denying every other ploy To change a heart and motivate That merry beauty be our Kate. When beauty states that we shall be What &hellip

The Avocado Tree

When I was about six years old, some people I know, who owned a taco restaurant, planted an avocado seed in a pot. It will take forever to grow, I &hellip

The Jungle’s Secret

(Written in the Kumboi mountain village of Papua New Guinea, at dawn.) Through the darkness creeps the dawning Over the low lands bluish haze Tward the mountains kingly splendor Wrapped &hellip


It is my way to write a rhyme On every single birthday; A game of sorts with passing Time, This record of my earth days. Eons from now Ill read &hellip

Time Dis

Years are nothing; days are less Held in the everlasting hand. Weigh the victories, toss regrets, Glance not at the spilling sand That runs so quickly through the glass As &hellip

Island of Lights

(masculine voice, a dream) A native fisherman at the market had called it The Island of Lights. No one lived there, he said, and no one fished nearby. From the &hellip

Sound Is the Architect

A bumblebee, science says, is Physically unable to fly. His wings are small, his body large But gravity knows why That bumblebee can levitate Aerodynamics wide awake: The buzz is &hellip

A Natural Lesson

A kiss, cried the flowr A kiss from the bee Is all that Ive wanted And all that I need. A bloom, said the bee, A bloom with a smile; &hellip

A Time to Sprout

There is a timer set inside The heart of every seed Without gardeners permission Up sprouts the ready weed. The snow melt quenches early thirst When the soil is warm, &hellip

Time-Traveling Santa

Amy was looking through classifieds in the paper. She needed inspiration for a last minute Christmas story her editor would print without hesitation. Finally, she came across an ad that &hellip

There is a Friend. . .

Family is, as family does. Family loves one another More than money More than time More than comfort More than smart words in greeting cards with brown-eyed puppies. I have &hellip


Cloud sponges are heavy with rain Waiting for an empty pull Waiting in vain. Puddles spill over and run down A glass already too full, A silk rain gown. Horizon &hellip

Am I ? I Am

A water droplet on one eyelash reflected my world and my life. Ill remember this again someday, I thought and whispered, That far away day Ill remember wanting to remember &hellip

How to write a Poem

When I was around seven or eight years old I found a dusty cardboard box in the corner of our basement. It belonged to my paternal grandfather who had passed &hellip


Today as we drove home we saw a doe with fawns. Two were close beside her, and one leaped just behind. The last was late crossing and waited for his &hellip

Joy and Admiration

I Love the Way

I love the way the snowflakes fall On my face and open palm Bringing Winters lovely calm Neath the pine trees standing tall. I love the white around their feet &hellip

Child of Light

(from a dream) I leaped over a fallen tree covered with poison vines, trying to keep my bare feet from scraping the leaves as I cleared the obstacle by a &hellip

On My Mind

I was born into this world facing trouble And it caught me fore I even knew my name Guess I might have died But you came into my mind And &hellip

I’ve Been Given Me

Ill not count the failures Of someone else to stand Upon my future, giving So-called Fate a hand, Mine, the obligation To be happy, well, and true Mine, the joy &hellip

Would You Sing For Me?

If I gave the moon to light your eyes The stars to decorate your skies Horizons vast to set you free To bring you joy, a cup of mead Would &hellip


(this song was co-written with the kids) All around me I see green Lifted hands of all the trees Praise, they sing! Praise, they sing! I want to grow and &hellip

Open the Door

Open the door, Door Keeper Set us apart, Soul Cleaner Comfort us, and cover your holy people Hear our prayer, Deliverer Well not doubt your rescue But we cry here &hellip

Let It Rain

There were rainbows all reflecting in the puddles And I saw rainbows, clear as day, across the sky Thru the thunder and the lightening of the downpour I could sing &hellip


Theres a high and holy hill Where the king sits on his throne All who love him do his will They cry Holy to the Son. Holy! Holy! Ho-o-oly! Holy &hellip

Come Friend and Foe

Come friend and foe, come worship! Come worship with me The King of the Ages and hope we shall see The sky split asunder with light from the east The &hellip

The Prayer Song

Our Holy Father, blessed be your name Your will be done here, as in that place. Give us today the bread that we need. Forgive our debts, Lord, as we &hellip


I was bound up in all my sorrow I was carrying my tomorrow When he said to me, I can set you free As for you, you should sing. Then &hellip

The German Doctor

(a true story) During my 20s, I worked at a youth hostel in Israel, situated on Mount Carmel, near the Mediterranean Ocean. One evening, I was at the front desk, &hellip

Worthy is the Lamb

(to the tune of Mockingbird Hill) When the Holy One comes and stands on Zions hill (Psalm 2:6-7) All kindreds and nations at his feet will kneel (Revelation 4:11) Holy, &hellip

Lonely Traveler

(Written at a youth hostel in Israel, where we gave away Bibles to young travelers from all over the world.) Lonely traveler, on the road to truth Seeking peace in &hellip

The Patience of the Saints

This is the patience of the saints Those who have suffered for my name Who would not bow nor bend the knee To any god, but worship Me… only Me! &hellip


(Written for a friend in Papua New Guinea, who asked me what true love looks like.) To the garden alone the Lord had come There he knelt to pray to &hellip

Rachel’s Song

(Written for a dear friend I met in Israel) When I didnt know him, when I didnt care When my life was broken—didnt have a prayer (no, I didnt have &hellip

Grace and Justice

Grace and Justice were their names different as the night and day And never once could those two speak it could not be. Justice met the laws demands. Grace reached &hellip


I want to see you. All you have made is beautiful Beauty is your fame And like the artist surpasses the art You must be lovely beyond it all. I &hellip

Father Of Lights

There is a face I always see, even when I am dreaming Lost in a crowd, or all alone, yours is the face I am seeing. There is a voice &hellip

A Love Letter

I love you for the way you have waited For the way you have believed all along Although you were troubled, you didnt falter And in the darkest hour I &hellip

The Poem

The words you gave; a gift to me, So filled my lungs with your own breath I exhaled the words you see: Life with height, depth, and breadth. Playing with &hellip

The Beginning

Happy Face

age 5 Put on a happy face! Put on a happy face! For the Lord Jesus Christ love you! &hellip

The Artist

age 9 Silver and shiny the design is so tiny. Lovely and fragile it sits in the air, but even so it does not tear. Its maker (you would think) &hellip


Since childhood I write a poem every year on my birthday. This was my 12th birthday poem. When small, I used to lie in bed Frightened of the night For &hellip


age 16 (To the lady who taught me how to make my own sewing patterns.) There once was a seamstress, Susanna Who lived in the village Romana By the river &hellip

Death of Death

The following poem, Death of Death, was written at age 16 as well. He stared into the mirror now Too old for vanity Twas age that he was scowling at &hellip

The Adventures of Lyle Jakey

written at 17 years of age. Shemer Ziz looked at his assignment with tired eyes. In the beginning, he had thought it would be an easy job, but a ten &hellip

Only A Prism

age 13 I am like a prism Upon the window seat A bottle full of water Or a hanging crystal leaf The rainbows all about me Are not what I &hellip

The end,

my friend, was bound to be. Now you must write a poem for me. &hellip