Just like the earth loves the late rain

And holds it dearly

Just like the sky loves the bright stars

That light up her face, blessing the dark

So we see clearly

And like the rain loves a good cloud

If you look up, I know that you’ll see how. . .

How much I love you.

Just like a flower loves the bright sun

And girls love flowers

Just like a smile loves a good face

A wedding dress always needs lace

Castles need towers.

And like voice loves a good tune

Just like a puppy loves the full moon

How much I love you!

Just like a song says how you feel

Just like a glad song

And like a book when it’s all snow

Blanket and tea, nowhere to go

Waiting, but not long.

Like a picnic, the first day out

Is just what you need, come hear me say how. . .

How much I love you.

(Lullaby for a blue-eyed boy, to whom life is just so much wonderful.)