A needle’s shot of pain and fear

(this drug the Enemy found dear)

Made from souls tormented here

A harvest dark and mean.

The Adversary boasted win

Sad, hopeless cries were strength to him

He whispered lies; they wept again

Casting away their joy.

Then, standing in the miry clay

A woman, in her fear and pain,

Began to sing about the Name

She knew could set her free.

She sang to drown the Serpent’s lies

True words to heal her own dark mind

A song to beckon angel-kind

She held the hand of God.

The Devil dropped his whip and screamed

Then, when she paused he quickly reached

With angry claws to thrash and beat

Our Singer in the mire.

But in his grasp, she sang The Song,

A simple, desperate sing-a-long

Until a voice, both glad and strong

Joined her in harmony.

The Adversary shrank in size;

A rabid dog, a gnat, a lie—

He disappeared beneath her eyes

And still her song went on.

The universe now rang with sound

Angel-kind had gathered around

For at my side, on conquered ground,

Sang the King of Kings.