I was dressed—and dressed to a T,

Whatever the heck that might mean.

To me it means, no one could see

Who I really was.

I looked like a smart, pensive child,

Lost in a crowd of so much style

And wishful thinking.

I was laughing—mirth like a drunk.

It didn’t mean I had no funk,

It meant I couldn’t let you know

How I really felt.

So I laughed, added to the sound

Of other giddy grievers ‘round

Denying my wounds.

I was seeing—like ne’er before—

The truth, like an awaited shore

After months of dry death at sea

I drank in the sight.

My legs had forgott’n how to stand,

I learned there who I was again

And, oh the relief.

I was crying—wept like a God

Whose creation had gone to laud

Another created being.

I just couldn’t stop

And dry my tears for all the pain

Over the loss. Then something gained;

Alone, but awake.

I was singing—sang from my soul

Like lightening leads thunder to roll

Filling cold air with resonance

One passionate call.

Burning from the heat of the blast

But glad—glad to shout it at last:

I can see your face!