I love you for the way you have waited

For the way you have believed all along

Although you were troubled, you didn’t falter

And in the darkest hour I heard your song.

I love you for your love to each other

For the pity you held for earthen life

When others ravaged o’er earth with poison

I saw you bearing precious seed to hide.

I love you for seeing something greater

A future that I promised long ago

Believe me now, it’s coming so much closer

And your own eyes will see it here below.

I love you for not kneeling at that altar

The blood of all the innocents has stained

For wearing castoff rags to be cleaner

Instead of being dressed by all the slain.

I love you. I won’t forget you. Never.

I’ll remember each day I am away.

You’re waiting, believing what I’ve spoken

Tomorrow you may find me here to say. . .

I love you.