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We'd Love to Swap for... Something Amazing 😉

Photo by Annie Spratt

We feel trade encourages creativity and is more personal.

We are thinking along the lines of what you paid for your favorite pair of shoes, or the price of one tire the last time you got new tires. If you want your whole family to join, just double that amount.

Are you 13 and have a poem or a painting or a program you wrote? Let's trade!

But. I am just not sure what I have to trade, or what you want?

Offer a Trade!

Crypto is Just Fine with Us

Send Any Crypto

Any type of crypto that you would like to swap for membership will work.

Tell us what type you want to trade using the form above. We will send you a deposit address.

If you don't know what crypto is, then, probably this is not the right option for you. Later, you can ask about it in the community.

Ye Olde Fine Print

  • An email address is required for each member account.
  • Community access is conditional. Each member must be able to read and work within the guidelines. A member can and will lose access to the community if community guidelines are not kept.
  • Digital and downloadable versions of Beka's media only. Print versions separately available at a later date.