(from the hero’s perspective)

They told me how to stand and walk

They made me memorize the talk

Then beat me when I tried to balk

Those gods are cruel

And Girl, I know, I’m in the red:

I severed all those wooden heads

And resurrected something dead

Yeah, it was me.

If deep inside you find your rage

Is tearing at the walls they made

Believe me, Girl, I’ll find a way...

God saves the Queen.

I saw you in your father’s gold

You smiled and broke the social mold

By reaching down into the cold

To light a fire.

And as you turned the world stood still

But time kept racing with my will

That you and I should dream and build

Fight, and we will.

I’m fighting for a different world

But, God! I want you with me, Girl

Just like a banner all unfurled

God saves the Queen!

Then when the circus comes to town

Wisdom becomes the joke of clowns

Girl, when it all comes crashing down—

Just be the Queen.

Don’t kneel when you should stand and fight

And I will find you in the night

Then God himself will make it right

We’ll walk away.

In that last hour I’ll be your man

When you reach out, I’ll be His hand.

We’ll live and all the rest be damned.

God saves the Queen.