When I was about six years old, some people I know, who owned a taco restaurant, planted an avocado seed in a pot.

“It will take forever to grow,” I thought to myself. “Too long to be worth it.”

But I watched it grow, with dubious interest, year after year while I ate tacos and guacamole.

Eventually I left home, married, and had children. One year we went back to visit my parents and stopped at that old taco restaurant. The El Torro, it was called.

The avocado tree was so tall now, the owners had built a special room with glass walls around it. The tree had reached the ceiling and bent over, stretching a little way across the room. It was covered with shiny, dark green leaves and avocados.

When I returned home, I hauled a big planter over to the window. I filled it with dirt, and planted an avocado seed.

My little avocado tree is only about a foot tall now, but I’m already planning the glass room addition.