“God” is such a common word

used by everyone I know,

kept like an I.D.

As if to say, “this is me, and these are my walls.”

“God” is a relation, a citizen and a patriot.

He is comfort and freedom.

He is cultural correctness and righteous anger

which is never admitted, but always observed.

“God” justifies who we are, and makes us right.

With a good grip on “what is God”

we can find out who we like and want to follow.

“God” is sometimes hoarded under the bed

or kept in a savings account.

He is brought out on holidays to make them nice

and to help us appear good, instead of self-righteous.

“God” is like an expensive pair of sunglasses;

so polarized, we don’t have to worry about the blinding truth.

He helps us see what can be expensed,

what might be a good investment,

and what simply can’t be lived without.

“God” is also like play dough;

anytime we need him to change, he can be

remade in our own image.

Most of all, “God” must be protected.

We can’t let anyone criticize our “God”

Or threaten his existence.

Obviously, all of those sort of people need to die.

This “God” must hate me. Because I worship his Creator:

The Creator God I worship, is not made in my image.

I am made in his.

He is so seldom appropriate, I can’t go anywhere popular.

I find he prefers to hang-out in rural places,

with people so odd,

they keep busy inventing cures and saving lives,

while in jeopardy of their own crucifixion.

This God makes friends with children

and ignores adults who stand by asking philosophical questions

or giving out church invitations.

The God I worship makes me so uncomfortable

I have to change every day.

I’m not sure who I am, but I’m learning who he is.

He interrupts my plans and my sleep.

He whispers in my thoughts, and laughs in my dreams.

The Creator always tells me to be creative and productive.

This doesn’t count planning for the future

Or preparing for his next unsettling direction.

He won’t let me save up for rainy days

because he is my help in time of need.

He insists on giving “down” rather than “up”—

never to people who can give in return.

I am not allowed to protect him (as if he needed it!)

Instead, I must lay down my life for the helpless,

protecting the innocent at whatever cost.

I am told to go out of this world the same way he did:

having given up mortal life for immortality,

a brief home for an eternal habitation,

money and comfort for perfect rest, glory and honor.

Yes. This is the God to whom I belong:

The Judge of the Earth. The Suffering Servant. God With Us. The Existing One. Mighty in Battle. Meek and Lowly. The Lamb that Was Slain. The Risen Lord. The Lover of My Soul. The Coming King. Provider. Protector. Older Brother. Shepherd. Healer. Deliverer. Teacher. Friend. Rescuer. Help in Time of Need. Hope. Life. Avenger of all Evil. Rewarder of Those who Diligently Seek Him.