Sitting in the garden on a sunny day in May

All about me greening are the seeds of harvest play.

The soil, like cottage cheese, but now black and wet with rain

Covered with an armor that no wind can blow away.

It blew away my greenhouse, my bucket and my hat

I think I saw a groundhog on a flying welcome mat

But the precious rain of Spring still hides within the soil

The untilled cover spreads like a robe around one royal

The blossom’s on the apple, the onion blooms beneath

The spinach and lettuce met approval with my teeth

I knelt beside a raised bed of many kinds of plants

Hearken the announcement; “Spring is here at last!”

Impatient for their waking, trailed fingers through the straw,

Smiled at the joyful rise of a million-earthworm-crawl.

One awoke another in the warm, black soil and rain

Stretching, dancing, twisting until twenty feet away

I could hear the earthworm thunder and feel the soil quake.

Spring awoke with laughter and I’m off to find my rake.