Cold sand between our tiny toes

Is squishing up in lumpy rows

To make us laugh and wade again into the ocean’s cleansing wave.

I wrinkle up my freckled nose

And laugh as you in comic pose

Take up your pirate’s hat and sword to fight again the crashing wave.

You are my hero — I, your maid.

We brave the world and life is made

When we as children mock the drama grown-ups fail to understand.

Then as our future plans are laid

And all the fervent prayers are prayed

In simple faith we conquer kingdoms –- even we don’t understand.

My hand in yours is held so tight

I fear not any hour of night

Finding us here, exposed and young upon the shores of passing time.

You care not for your own brief life.

For mine — for ours — you bravely fight

As, laughing, we will dance the tide until the end of present time.

Who cares what our tomorrow brings?

We scorn the power of adult Kings

To live as though our childhood offers all we want and so much more.

Worries limit their vision’s dreams;

Allow us to be King and Queen.

To reign together is all we need –- till God grants us something more.

water color kids on beach