If only sorrow, like a cistern, could be emptied of tears

And soak the barren soil of this loss, causing life to return.

Would that not be more natural? But now

Tears come like rain from a source that cannot be emptied,

From hollowness as great as space, into loss as consuming as fire.

It is not satisfied, nor filled at last, but only calls for more;

More tears, more pain, more wondering why and what if?

Until only exhaustion brings relief.

Show me this ___ is a momentary blink in a lifetime of viewing

Show me that only memory refuses to be assuaged

While expectation waits to reveal my life with yours

Show me hope, and the repayment four times greater than the theft

Show me joy, and that all is kept from damage, rather than lost.

Show me Time fleeing away to shorten the space between us

Closing a chasm that will never open again, but ever be solid ground

On which we shall meet, never to part again.