I feel your body move and turn

Inside of mine.

All your contours I would learn

To know you’re fine.

Built like a flower ‘neath the sun,

A clover stem.

So fragile you are just begun,

Each tiny limb.

My body aches with weight that pulls

Me out and down,

And yet I would not be the fool

To sigh or frown

When precious is the life inside.

This little while

I carry you with joy and pride,

My firstborn child.

I will not promise you the world

Nor any gain

Beyond that of my soul unfurled

And this, your name.

All my heart and knowledge slim

Is yours to reap.

I will not grant your every whim

But I will keep

Always your good above my own

And pray that you

Will find the love that I have known

And seek the truth.