This is so... fun!

What is a Good Trade?
Trades are Useful and Meaningful

Be Thoughtful

Give What You Actually Want

Who am I to say what a person needs? Maybe you do need an older, somewhat used, yellow, deep-pill floor mat. Its just that there are some things that you know you would want, and some things you know you would just re-gift or throw away. Some things you rely on every day and some things you keep in the attic. What do you value? Be pragmatic. Trade pragmatically.

Do you need a better sewing machine? Well, make sure that your extra bread dough mixer gets to someone who can put it to use. Do they owe you? Yes. Figure out a good swap. Maybe they can do some house cleaning or make 30 loaves of bread or something similar. Just make sure you don't let that thing sit unused in your pantry while your friend could be using it. You know you could sure use a new sewing machine! Someone has one sitting in a closet somewhere, unused.

Pay It Forward

Gift economy is a little uncomfortable. I have 10 years of writing, music making, poetry and other creativity that I would like the world to experience. But I might get a baby bed quilt in exchange. Maybe it's worth it? I don't know. I do know however, that someone needs a baby bed quilt, and I will look for that person.

The trick to trade economies is that they are accounted in love and awareness, and the transactions are long in the making. Sometimes the trades are funny and would make book-keepers irate. I think that's the way its supposed to be. Be generous. I'll try to be generous as well.

Some Examples

Signing a Contract

Legal Work

I needed a contract. It was a perfect swap.

Photo by Cytonn Photography

Bees On Honeycomb

2 Gallons of Honey

Amazing, unheated, natural honey. Thanks so much.

Photo by Meggyn Pomerleau

Box of Salmon Fillets on Ice

You know who you are. Right, they caught, filleted and chilled these amazing fish. Alaskans; so privileged. Possibly the most amazing thing I ever ate. Thanks again.

Photo by Marco Tjokro

Girl In Hoop House

Some UV Resistant Greenhouse Plastic

Hey, it was pretty cool. They had extra, and we made a greenhouse with it.

Photo by Zoe Schaeffer

Cutting Beef

A Quarter Beef

Someone found a local butcher that made a general selection of cuts. Nice.

Photo by Usman Yousaf

Maybe You Have Extra?

Hands With Seeds


Maybe you have extra seeds? Especially wildcrafted or hand harvested! Maybe you have some little starts of something?

Hands With Seeds

Meat Grinder

We butcher our own sheep, ducks, chickens and cows (you should too), so stuff to handle that is always nice.

Hands With Seeds

Herbs, Tea, Coffee

Who doesn't run out of these? Not only this, but as far as trade items in the apocalypse, I am pretty sure these will outperform gold.

wool balls in basket

Bulk Grains or Beans

We have never yet had a sufficient supply. As we see it, you should be buying these for yourself as well.

wool balls in basket

Sheep Shearing Clippers

We have some sheep to shear. We think you should too. Or have a neighbor that does.

wool balls in basket

Olive Oil, Coconut Butter, Sesame Oil

Healthy cooking oils. Oils in glass are very storable

Stacks of Books


We love books. Good books are difficult to find. Maybe you have some favorites that we don't have yet?

Stacks of Books

Electric Fence Wire, Posts, Connectors

So. One thing that you should know about if you have land and animals is Holisting Land Management. You will likely need some electric fence.

Never Stop Learning

Alternate Economy Notes

Hey! I'm Gabe, Beka's husband. Here are some resources that I have enjoyed on my path to discover the most efficient, wealth producing economy. Of course, my study started with Jesus Christ and his teachings, but religion has so clouded Jesus' statements that I suggest starting in other places.

Begin by realizing that there are many options to the current economic model. Then re-considering Jesus' teachings once you have covered some new territory in your own thoughts.

Also, experience poverty if you have not yet done so. Forgive some debts. Take a year off work as God leads you. Poverty is a fantastic instructor.

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