Once upon a day eternal

‘Round the dawning of a year

God was found in meditation

O’er this slowly turning sphere

“I’ve an excess of sheer blessing

I would like to spread down there,

So, have any of you angels

Seen a likely, godly pair?

I am loathe to reward evil,

So they must be walking true

To the principles I laid out

When the garden still was new

I am fond of thankful spirits,

Therefore, if they kiss and tell

All about my goodness to them,

I say that is just as well.

For there may be some around them

Who will turn to seek my face,

So my next big load of blessings

Can be spread out on their faith.

Give no blessings to the bitter;

Add no courage to the weak,

For they wallow in their misery,

Angry at my distant strength.

Still ignore the clamoring needy,

Who refuse to look above,

And offer no assistance

To the heart that quenches love.

Find the one who seeks me daily,

Lift the man who labors still;

Grant him strength to give me glory,

For I know he doubtless will.

Give some reason to those smiling

To continue smiling on,

And reward the thankful richly,

Heaping joy and life upon.

All who seek me – yea, expect me –

They shall find more than they need,

And the soul who loves me truly,

Is the soul who I shall heed.