I climbed this mountain for the answers

Led here by the legend of your fame

And if I didn’t die I planned to ask you why

Hoping for the answers to my pain.

On the way I fell and bruised my knee

My designer shoes tore up my socks

The blister on my heel assured me pain was real

Mom and Dad had packed my bag with rocks.

Up along the road I met a friend

He joined me for a while in this race

But when we disagreed, he kicked me in the knee

I busted my knuckles on his face.

At last, I reached the summit of life

Hoping you would give me some advice

Better still—repent for the effort I had spent;

For making life so hard to survive.

But, as I sit basking in the sun

Breathing in the sweet, crisp mountain air

I see how far I’ve come, and that you’ve been the One

Giving me the strength to journey here.