On My Mind

1999 - 2010

This album of songs is from a couple years before Beka married, while she was in Papua New Guinea and later, Israel, through the first years of marriage. She was very busy during that period of time, and many of the songs written then were lost or forgotten, but this album is a compilation of what she feels is the best of her early years. It has many songs on the subject of belief in Christ and worship. Her favorite is the song, On My Mind.
As with all the songs on this website so far, Beka recorded these in her bedroom, in between rooster crows, sheep baaing, children bursting in to ask questions, with just a simple microphone and her broken-but-mended guitar. She hopes in time to record in a studio!

Lonely Traveler

E, A, B7—Capo 2nd EAE- Lonely traveler, on the road to truth A B7 E Seeking peace in a world torn apart, AE- Lonely traveler, trying to find a way &hellip

On My Mind

(A, D, E7) A D A E7 A I was born into this world facing trouble —And it caught me fore I even knew my name D E7 A D &hellip

Worthy is the Lamb

(to the tune of Mockingbird Hill) D, G, A7 DG- When the Holy One comes and stands on Zions hill (Psalm 2:6-7) A7 D – All kindreds and nations at &hellip

High and Holy

G, C, D7 G D7 G Theres a high and holy hill CG Where the king sits on his throne D7 G All who love him do his will D7 &hellip

Patience of the Saints

This is the patience of the saints Those who have suffered for my name Who would not bow nor bend the knee To any god, but worship Me… only Me! &hellip

True Love

(Written for the wife of the village leader of South Pacific tribal group, who asked me what “true love” looks like.) A, E7, D A E7 A To the garden &hellip

Rachel’s Song

D, G, A7 DGD When I didnt know him, when I didnt care GD When my life was broken—didnt have a prayer GD (no, I didnt have a prayer) G &hellip


G, Em, B7, A7, D7, C G Em B7 A7 D7 G Faith is not quantity or quality belief. GC- It matters not how strong your faith, G D7 – &hellip

Psalm 9

AM, DM, E7, E AmE7 Am E7 Am I will praise you, O LORD with my whole heart; E7 Am – I will sing of all your. . . marvelous &hellip

Judah’s Song

AM, DM, C, Em Am EmAm Em Am Hearken, my young brother, I am pressed to go to war EmAm Em Am Will you rise to aid me with your &hellip

New Creature

A, D, E7 AD I was sitting by the river with my fishing cane A E7 – Chewing a straw and working my brain AD- Long came a tadpole that &hellip