This song was written about a few people I knew who gave all they had to give. They often worked in jeopardy, had little sleep, poor food and living conditions, and very little time off. Their focus was on getting the word of God to those who wanted and needed it, as pure and honest and readable as possible. Their lives were short, but eternal, their homes were nowhere and everywhere, and their rest was seldom but forever. Since then, I have come to realize the Holy People are few and scattered. Not all of them are called "missionaries." But all of them have laid down their lives for the body of Christ and for his kingdom. They are the saints. And they are breath-takingly beautiful.


This is the patience of the saints
Those who have suffered for my name
Who would not bow nor bend the knee
                                   G       A7        D
To any god, but worship Me... only Me, only Me, only Me.
       G             A           D                  G 
I see every tear you cry and I’m right here by your side
         A7         D
You’re beautiful to me!


G    A7      D    G   A7      D        
You’re beautiful to me, beautiful to me!
       G            A7    D                            A7 - A      D
Every move that you make takes my breath away. You’re beautiful to me!



This is the patience of the saints

Who for my coming hope and wait

You loved the truth that you heard

In every trial kept my word... kept my word, kept my word, kept my word.

When you laid down your life to be a worthy wife

You were beautiful to me!



This is the patience of the saints

The bride who will not be ashamed

(I’ll wipe the tears from your eyes)

Dressed in garments pure and white... pure and white, pure and white, pure and white.

Now enter into rest; inherit all my best!

You’re beautiful to me!