AM, DM, C, Em

Am                E7 Am                    E7    Am
Hearken, my young brother, I am pressed to go to war

                 E7  Am                  E7       Am
Will you rise to aid me with your mighty men and swords?

    Dm              C        Am   Dm              C        Am
For you were surely made for war. You were surely made for war.

                E7   Em  Am
You were surely made for war.



Dm                    Am
Your power rules the skies

Dm                         Am
Your strength commands the seas

     E7                 Am
And though the beggar cries

Am                E7         Em        Am
The wind of your persuasion bends the trees.



Blessed among your brethren, crowned with every glory’s gain

King among the nations, laden down with greed and fame.

Blind and blue-eyed brother cry! Cast off your rebellious pride.

Cast off your rebellious pride



Lost among the nations, idols you have turned to serve

Stranger to the laws of God, rumors of your death we’ve heard.

Mourners, mourn for Ephraim, call for him to turn again.

Call for him to turn again.