This song was written while I worked at a youth hostel in Israel, where I gave away Bibles in many languages. I wrote this song after having met and talked to a German doctor who had never met someone who actually believed the Bible was true. His story is recorded in the book "Love is the Potion" in the "Joy and Admiration" section under the title; "The German Doctor."

Capo 2nd fret

E       A   E
Lonely traveler, on the road to truth
         A          B7         E
Seeking peace in a world torn apart
         A  E
Lonely traveler, trying to find a way
             A         B7            E
To fill the God-shaped hole in your heart.
       A                             E
Can I tell you ‘bout another lonely traveler
     A                                  B7
Who walked this earth in righteousness alone?
    E                              A
He gave his life for other lonely travelers,
        E             B7                E
And he has become the Way that leads to home.

          A                 E
Yeah, he loved me. Woah! He bought me
         A                           B7
With the blood that he shed so long ago.
    E                        A
Now I’m still just another traveler.
         E               B7                  E
But I’m traveling on the road that leads to home.
E         A  E
Well now, I knew something wasn’t right
           A         B7           E
There was something missing down inside
      A    E
On a soul quest for all the reasons why,
       A             B7            E
In the end, I just stood there and cried.
      A                        E
Then Jesus took my hand and he saved me
    A                             B7
He opened up my eyes that I might see
     E                             A
All along he’d been right there beside me
         E                 B7         E
And the one that had been missing was me.