Capo 2nd fret

E       A   E
Lonely traveler, on the road to truth
         A          B7         E
Seeking peace in a world torn apart
         A  E
Lonely traveler, trying to find a way
             A         B7            E
To fill the God-shaped hole in your heart.
       A                             E
Can I tell you ‘bout another lonely traveler
     A                                  B7
Who walked this earth in righteousness alone?
    E                              A
He gave his life for other lonely travelers,
        E             B7                E
And he has become the Way that leads to home.

          A                 E
Yeah, he loved me. Woah! He bought me
         A                           B7
With the blood that he shed so long ago.
    E                        A
Now I’m still just another traveler.
         E               B7                  E
But I’m traveling on the road that leads to home.
E         A  E
Well now, I knew something wasn’t right
           A         B7           E
There was something missing down inside
      A    E
On a soul quest for all the reasons why,
       A             B7            E
In the end, I just stood there and cried.
      A                        E
Then Jesus took my hand and he saved me
    A                             B7
He opened up my eyes that I might see
     E                             A
All along he’d been right there beside me
         E                 B7         E
And the one that had been missing was me.