Rachel is a girl I met in Israel who had been through some really hard and painful stuff in her life. In spite of all the blows the devil had dealt her, she continued to try to find God and understand whether or not he was good and if he cared. One night she expressed God having finally answered some of her most desperate questions and having given her peace about loved ones she had lost. I wrote this song for her, and she sang it with off-key enthusiasm that made me cry every time. I still pray for Rachel.   



D,                      G,             D
When I didn’t know him, when I didn’t care

                        G              D
When my life was broken—didn’t have a prayer

        G             D
(no, I didn’t have a prayer)

G            A7          G           A7
He found me there. Yeah, he found me there.

         D   A7         D
Now I’m fa-a-alling in love!

D                         G               D
Looking for the reasons, searching for a life

                       G          D
In a thousand pieces, broken up inside

        G          D
(I was broken up inside)

    G       A7         G           A7
For me, he died. Yeah, for me, he died!

         D    A7        D
Now I’m fa-a-alling in love!


D     A7          D          A7           D 
Ooh, ooh-ooh, ooh yeah. Ooh, ooh-ooh, ooh yeah.

G                      A7                          D
Ooh, ooh-ooh, ooh, ooh yeah. I'm fa-a-a-alling in love!



How well he knows me, yet he does forgive

With his arms around me I’m learning how to live

(yeah, I’m learning how to live)

Because I’m his. Yeah, because I’m his.

I’m fa-a-alling in love!



I am my beloved’s, my beloved’s mine.

At his banquet table I have come to dine

(yeah, I have come to dine)

His peace I find. Yeah, his peace I find.

Now I’m fa-a-alling in love!