(Written for the wife of the village leader of South Pacific tribal group, who asked me what “true love” looks like.)

 Capo 1


A              E7                A
To the garden alone the Lord had come

          D                     A
There he knelt to pray to God above

                D         A              D
Not my will be done, but thine, said the Son

       A-E7  A
It was true love.



 A         E7          A              D
True love, real love! Love without a limit,

        A                 D
It was love without pride in it!

       A-E7  A
It was true love.



A                  E7             A
Upon a hill there stood a rugged tree

    D                               A
And dark as night the heavens were above

                 D           A                 D
Crimson was the stream that flowed for you and me

       A-E7  A
It was true love.


A             E7                A
Mary saw the stone was rolled aside

     D                                A
The grave could not hold the King of Love

                  D            A             D
Death had lost to life and we serve a risen Christ

       A-E7  A
It was true love.