This song was written in a grass hut on top of a mountain in Papua New Guinea. It came after a few days of pondering over a question asked by the wife of our village leader. She was struggling with her husband's seeming (and apparent) lack of love and came to ask me what love really looks like. The song is simple, and my skill with a guitar was very minimal at the time, but it has continued to be one of my favorites for the last 25 years.

 Capo 1


A              E7                A
To the garden alone the Lord had come

          D                     A
There he knelt to pray to God above

                D         A              D
Not my will be done, but thine, said the Son

       A-E7  A
It was true love.



 A         E7          A              D
True love, real love! Love without a limit,

        A                 D
It was love without pride in it!

       A-E7  A
It was true love.



A                  E7             A
Upon a hill there stood a rugged tree

    D                               A
And dark as night the heavens were above

                 D           A                 D
Crimson was the stream that flowed for you and me

       A-E7  A
It was true love.


A             E7                A
Mary saw the stone was rolled aside

     D                                A
The grave could not hold the King of Love

                  D            A             D
Death had lost to life and we serve a risen Christ

       A-E7  A
It was true love.