When I was a young mother, I wrote several songs that I sang to and with my children when they were little. For whatever reason, we sang while we did our chores and clean up in the morning. This song was fun because we would sing the chorus quietly at first, but with each "holy" we grew louder and louder until at last we were shouting. I should have recorded the kids back then when they were all enthusiastic over shouting it because now they are all too grown up!    





A              E7    A
There’s a high and holy hill
          D                 A
Where the king sits on his throne
                 E7     A
All who love him do his will
                   E7   A
They cry “Holy” to the Son.


A     E7    A    D    A    E7     A
Holy! Holy! Ho-o-oly! Holy to the King.


A                 E7   A
Shout praises on that hill
      D              A
Sing worship here beneath
            E7       A
Cry “holy” while you wait
                E7     A
Give thanks at your relief

A             E7      A
Look for his kingdom coming
     D                A
And pray his will be done
               E7      A
Then watch for his appearing
             E7      A
Shout “holy” to the Son.