A              E7    A
There’s a high and holy hill
          D                 A
Where the king sits on his throne
                 E7     A
All who love him do his will
                   E7   A
They cry “Holy” to the Son.


A     E7    A    D    A    E7     A
Holy! Holy! Ho-o-oly! Holy to the King.


A                 E7   A
Shout praises on that hill
      D              A
Sing worship here beneath
            E7       A
Cry “holy” while you wait
                E7     A
Give thanks at your relief

A             E7      A
Look for his kingdom coming
     D                A
And pray his will be done
               E7      A
Then watch for his appearing
             E7      A
Shout “holy” to the Son.