(Written and performed for the inmates of a CCA prison.)

A                                   D
I was sitting by the river with my fishing cane

A                    E7
Chewing a straw and working my brain

A                           D
‘Long came a tadpole that I used to know

A                                  E7       A
He was hopping and croakin’ like a big fat toad

              E7          A
I said “what happened to you?”



A                          D
I’m a new creature. I’m a new creature!

E7                              A
Old things are passed away and all things became new

I’m a new creature! I’m a new creature!

        E7                                     A-D-A
And if you’re in Christ, you’re a new creature too!



A                                   D
I was strolling thru the park on a warm summer day

A                         E7
Dreamin’ and sippin’ icy lemonade

A                                 D
Smiling at the flowers who were smiling at me

A                         E7       A
‘Long come a caterpillar sportin’ wings

               E7          A
I said, “what happened to you?”



A                               D
I was movin’ down a sidewalk at CCA

A                               E7
Shaking hands and greetin’ on a hot Sunday

A                          D
‘Long come a feller that I used to know

A                                    E7    A
He was smiling and singing like he’d been paroled

               E7         A
I said, “what happened to you?”

He said. . .