I have always loved the psalms of David and have put music to many of them. This one is better musically than most of my psalm-songs though. I was meditating on it during a time in which I felt under siege and beaten down by life. I always "hear" it played by a harp and/or a violin in my mind. If anyone out there plays the harp or violin and covers this song - I'd sure love to hear it!

AM, DM, E7, E

Am      E7         Am     E7      Am
I will praise you, O LORD with my whole heart;

       E7                     Am
I will sing of all your. . . marvelous works

       E7      Am             E7
I will be glad and rejoice in you

   Am              E7                  Am
I will sing praise to your name. . . O God most high.



Dm            Am        Dm             Am
And they that know your name will put their trust in you

Dm              Am            E7       E
You, LORD, have not forsaken those who seek you

Dm           Am           Dm          Am
Sing praises to the LORD, he rules in Zion

E7                       E    Am
Declare among the people his doings.



Am       E7     Am         E7     Am
When my enemies are turned back they will

                   E7                      Am
Fall and perish at your presence. . . your presence.

         E7         Am           E7
You have maintained my right and my cause

Am                            E7          Am
You sat in the throne judging right. . . judging right.