(A, D, E7)

A                    D             A               E7                             A

I was born into this world facing trouble —And it caught me ‘fore I even knew my name

D                  E7             A            D           A              E7          

Guess I might have died, but you came into my mind —And I lived to smile again another
day.                                                                                                           A            D                                D              A

On my mind when I’m dancing in the kitchen

            D       E7          A

On my mind when I’m weary on my feet

       D           E7     A     D                  A       E7       A

On my mind all the time, hallelujah! —And there’s nothing quite so sweet.


A              D                 A                   E7                        A

Rainy days are bringing me your rainbows —Mountains steep are teaching me your might

D              E7         A           D     A           E7                      A

And weariness aside, I’m feeling so alive —Hallelujah, hallelujah, yeah, that’s right.

      D                            A

On my mind when I’m singing in the morning

            D        E7           A

On my mind when I’m smiling in my sleep

      D            E7     A     D                 A        E7        

On my mind all the time, hallelujah! —And there’s nothing quite so

A                    D               A                  E7                 A

Well, it might be my journey’s almost over — It might be you knocking at my door

D              E7    A          D       A                   E7          A

But even if I sleep, I can guarantee—I will dream about the One that I adore

       D                A

On my mind, oh— oh— oh, yeah

       D              A           D          A      D

On my mind, hmm— mmm— mmm — On my mind. . . hallelujah!

             A       E7      A

And there’s nothing quite so sweet.