There was an old hippy lady named June that taught me this chord pattern. It fascinated me in the way it moved like a living thing around and around. I have since used it way too much, but still enjoy it as much as ever. The lyrics to this song came from a time when getting God to answer my prayers was a matter of life and death. In moments like that you really start thinking about what faith really is and how to ask "just the right way" to get God to respond to you with healing, help, rescue, and wisdom. I came to understand that faith was simply taking his offered hand/word/promise and holding on aggressively, believing he is able. Faith isn't sleeping in a chair - it's swinging from a rope. It's holding onto that which carries you above the battle: the Almighty God.  


G        Em       B7     A7  D7    G
Faith is not quantity or quality belief.

It matters not how strong your faith,

     G              D7
For your belief is nothing great.

      G              C
It’s irrelevant, in any case.

     G         D7             G
But rather, in whom do you believe?



G        Em   B7        A7  D7     G
Faith is not confidence in your beliefs.

There is no power in faith alone,

      G             D7
Faith did not roll away the stone

    G                C
Nor will it see you safely home—

    G                D7      G
But him, in whom you have believed.



G     Em    B7      A7   D7        G
There is no measure nor amount of faith.

For faith the size of mustard seed

    G         D7
Is sufficient for your need.

     G                 C
It’s not how much you can believe—

    G          D7          G
But where you place your faith.