When I Pray for You


Beka’s interest and inspiration in music began to really blossom this year and she found herself writing and singing new songs all the time. She also began to pray for young people she had met online, and some of these prayers turned into music. The song, When I Pray For You, made it’s way through the web from one person to another and soon Beka was hearing from people she had never heard of, saying this song had blessed them in a time of need. Other listener favorites are If I’m Sold, Confession, and A Story About Love.

I’ll Be the Heart

G C G D7 Finding me was like finding — a needle in a burning haystack G C G D7 There was no note in a bottle, and still I &hellip

I Love You Like

6th capo E D E B7 I can see the end of summer in the roses E D E B7 I can watch the daylight fading from the sky A &hellip


D, G, A7 – Capo 3rd DA7 D I want to see you. GA7 D All that you have made GA7 DG is beauty. . . its beautiful D A7 &hellip

Love is the Potion

D, G, A7 D G D G A A7 He said, I have a notion that love is the secret potion — We should wear with attitude today D G &hellip

Father of Lights

G, D7, C GCGD7C D7 There is a face I always see, even when I am dreaming G C G D7 C D7 Lost in a crowd, or all alone, &hellip

A Story About Love

D, G, A7 DA7D A7D This is a story about Love; the love of a man for a maid. A7 D G A7 He was a king and a warrior, &hellip

Self Portrait

G, C, D7 – first or second capo G C G D7 I was dressed—dressed to a T, whatever the heck that might mean. G C G D7 G To &hellip

When I Pray for You

AM E7 AM I saw you looking back at me Dm C Am A thousand miles and window glass. . . window glass between E7 Am I felt a tear &hellip

God Saves the Queen

#=guy, #=girl, #=both — Capo 6th G Em B7 A7 D7 They told me how to stand. . .stand and walk —They made me memorize all their talk G Em &hellip

Blue Sky Sunshine

A D A E7 Blue sky, sunshine, walk with me beneath the trees A D A E7 A And Dear with your hand in mine the day is, oh, so &hellip

If I’m Sold

E B7 I know that life isnt ever fair E I dont expect anyone to care A E All I ask is for a little strength B7 E To stand &hellip