This song was written about Gabe's great grandparents who have been hugely influential in our lives. Their generosity and never-failing involvement has been obvious every single day of our married lives. They love like it keeps them alive. Actually, I think it really does. And the best part of it is how their actions have influenced our children to be loving and generous as well. Love, like a good seed, just keeps on fruiting and spreading to new ground. God bless Granny and Granddad!



6th capo

E             D       E             B7
I can see the end of summer in the roses

E                D        E              B7
I can watch the daylight fading from the sky

A            B7      E              A
Now is the revelling moment of our glory

B7                               E
Before the ending takes us by surprise

      A                  B7           E               A
Now while our lives are blooming. . .blooming like a garden. .

       E               D         B7   E
I will love you… like love keeps us alive.


E           D      E              B7
I can see the fading colors of our beauty

E            D          E      B7
In every enterprise the end of gain

A                     B7       E    A
But some who’ve gone before us live forever

In the way they loved me with the time they gave

        A               B7                       E             A
And I’m richer, and they’re richer — we’re both richer in the bargain

              E           D     B7     E
‘Cause love self-sows… to live another day.


A                    B7        E          A
Oh God, I know that loving is… loving is forever

And your love is the never-fading sky

   A      B7        E              A
I have forgotten my fear of every ending

            E          D      B7         E
Living like love… love is the breath of life.

       E              D         B7   E
I will love you… like love keeps us alive.