One day my husband made the comment that people are always looking for a love potion to make them magically loveable, when in reality, what they really need is to be full of love themselves. "Love IS the potion," I responded, summing up his philosophy. He laughed and said, "Write it down." At first this was a poem and became the title of my poetry book "Love is the Potion." Later, I put music to the poem and it became a song.



D                  G               D             G        A                             A7
He said, I have a notion that love is the secret potion — We should wear with attitude today

D                 G             D             G        A                            A7
Caressing to the senses, it is doubtless too expensive—For our silly pride to hoard away

G                    A7             D               G
Let’s wear it with abandon, soak ourselves and go tandem

A                       A7    D
Falling for each other every day!


D                 G                  D                  G
Love- Love is the Potion — Darlin’, Love - Love is the Potion    

       D                  G        A     A7   D
Honey, Love - Love is the Potion —And I love you

D                        G                    D                 G
Baby, Love - Love is the Potion —Sweetheart, Love- Love is the Potion  

       D                   G      A     A7   D
Sugar, Love- Love is the Potion —And I love you!



She said, I must agree, Sir. Love is the reason we are—Here to test our grit and devotion

And you, Sir, have my passion, oh, regardless of the fashion —Of this modern hour’s pale emotion

Speaking joyful, kind words I’ll be your loving songbird

Drenched to the heart with Love’s own potion!