A dream, a conversation, another dream, a new understanding of music. . . this song has a lot of pieces to it. Gabe has often said that the point of humanity is that God is looking for a worthy wife - a queen to stand by his side. He wants a companion capable of understanding and relating to him. It may take a very long time for her to grow up and become mature enough to fit that role. But some are becoming. In all situations, my husband reminds me, "be the queen." He means, be the one God is looking for. Love him, follow him, listen carefully, believe what he says, fight at his side, and look beyond the now. Why? Because God saves the Queen.

In my mind the song is punk ballad genre and is sung by a man and a girl alternately and sometimes together. I can't always (ever) produce the music I hear in my head!

#=guy, #=girl, #=both — Capo 6th

G            Em               B                             A7                  D7
They told me how to stand. . .stand and walk  —They made me memorize all their talk

G             Em                 B7                    A7                       D7
Then beat me, when I tried. . . tried to balk  —Yeah, those gods, they are so cruel.

^G   Em                  B7                           A7                 D7
And I’ve paid in blood, yeah, I have bled  —I severed all their idol’s wooden heads

G                                  C                     G        D7   G
Brought back a life— a life among the dead  —He breathed life into me again.

C                          G         C                      G
Now I feel— deep inside this—rage —It tears — tears at walls they made

C               G              D7          C       G      D7        G
Oh, believe me — , he’ll find a way. . . a . . .way —God saves the Queen.

G         Em               B7                            A7                      D7
I saw you dressed in your daddy’s gold  —You smiled and broke - broke his social mold

G         Em                 B                 A7          D7
Reaching down, down into the cold  —You lit a warm, needed fire.

^G     Em                      B7                     A7                D7
As you turned ‘round my world stood still  —Time kept racing on with my will

G                                    C                          G        D7      G
You and I, yeah, we should dream and build  —So fight on! Yeah, fight on and we will.

C                      G                    C                          G
We’ll build - build a brand new world  —’Cause I want — I want you with me, Girl

C                G             D7            G    D7        G
Just like— a banner all unfurled. . . un ...furled —God saves the Queen.

G    Em                          B7          A7                      D7
Then when their circus comes to town —Wisdom is the joke of drunken clowns

G     Em                            B7                A7          D7
Girl, as the world starts crashing down  —Just be my strong, loving queen.

^G      EM                   B7                      A7                      D7
Don’t kneel when you should stand and fight! —I will find you in the darkest night

G                                 C                   G    D7        G
God himself will make these wrongs right  —That’s when we will walk away.

C                          G            C                             G
That hour— that hour I will be your manWhen you— reach out I’ll take your hand.

C                         G          D7           C      G  D7         G
We’ll live— and all the rest be damned. . .damned . . .damned—God saves the Queen.