#=guy, #=girl, #=both — Capo 6th

G            Em               B                             A7                  D7
They told me how to stand. . .stand and walk  —They made me memorize all their talk

G             Em                 B7                    A7                       D7
Then beat me, when I tried. . . tried to balk  —Yeah, those gods, they are so cruel.

^G   Em                  B7                           A7                 D7
And I’ve paid in blood, yeah, I have bled  —I severed all their idol’s wooden heads

G                                  C                     G        D7   G
Brought back a life— a life among the dead  —He breathed life into me again.

C                          G         C                      G
Now I feel— deep inside this—rage —It tears — tears at walls they made

C               G              D7          C       G      D7        G
Oh, believe me — , he’ll find a way. . . a . . .way —God saves the Queen.

G         Em               B7                            A7                      D7
I saw you dressed in your daddy’s gold  —You smiled and broke - broke his social mold

G         Em                 B                 A7          D7
Reaching down, down into the cold  —You lit a warm, needed fire.

^G     Em                      B7                     A7                D7
As you turned ‘round my world stood still  —Time kept racing on with my will

G                                    C                          G        D7      G
You and I, yeah, we should dream and build  —So fight on! Yeah, fight on and we will.

C                      G                    C                          G
We’ll build - build a brand new world  —’Cause I want — I want you with me, Girl

C                G             D7            G    D7        G
Just like— a banner all unfurled. . . un ...furled —God saves the Queen.

G    Em                          B7          A7                      D7
Then when their circus comes to town —Wisdom is the joke of drunken clowns

G     Em                            B7                A7          D7
Girl, as the world starts crashing down  —Just be my strong, loving queen.

^G      EM                   B7                      A7                      D7
Don’t kneel when you should stand and fight! —I will find you in the darkest night

G                                 C                   G    D7        G
God himself will make these wrongs right  —That’s when we will walk away.

C                          G            C                             G
That hour— that hour I will be your manWhen you— reach out I’ll take your hand.

C                         G          D7           C      G  D7         G
We’ll live— and all the rest be damned. . .damned . . .damned—God saves the Queen.