I wrote this song for my husband as an anniversary gift a few years ago. He's always been "looking for his people" - the holy people, and I love that about him. 


G                     C          G                     D7
Finding me was like finding — a needle in a burning haystack

G                      C          G                     D7    
There was no note in a bottle,  and still I heard right back

C                                          G                  C                                 
I didn’t wish on one star of trillions— in the vast universal seas

   E M                             D7
No, it was providence that sent you falling for me.


 G                     C
You were looking, looking for your people

   G                   D7
I was searching, for a place called home

             G                C
Love keep us real. Here’s the deal:

            E M        D7          G
I’ll be the heart if you will be the home.


  G                    C         G                    D7
I didn’t need a royal palace, I didn’t need a diamond ring

G                     C       G                         D7   
Just a place where I could be safe, a song that I could sing

C                                        G              C      
To live a life worth living. . . . . and know that I am loved

   E M                            D7
To give what I’ve been given, to someone that I love


G                         C           G                     D7   
I’m not perfect, but I’ll be true — I’ll beat like your own heart

G                      C              G              D7 
Staying close, helping and hurting, — not wandering apart

C                                       G                  C
In the shelter of the home you give— my heart to love and yearn

   E M                               D7
Keeping time with the rhythm— of the way you live and learn.