The first verse and chorus of this song was written as a poem in Papua New Guinea, 25 years ago. One day in 2018, I found the scrap of paper I had written it on, and the rest of the words and the music came into being. It's kind of personal - a prayer, and I often sing it while working in my greenhouse or hum it in the middle of the night if God wakes me up to pray. The harmony is sung by a very dear friend and sister in Christ. We share our music back and forth, and one day she added harmony to this song. Thank you, Mirianne!



Capo 3rd

D  A7      D
I want to see you.

G         A7       D
All that you have made

G  A7            D    G
is beauty. . . it’s beautiful

D      A7      D
Beauty is your fame

G             A7       D           G
And like the artist surpasses the art

G                   A7
You must be lovely beyond it all.



D  A7   D    G   A7         D
I want you. I confess with praise

G  A7              D-G   D     A7        D
I want. . . I want you. Every night and day.


I want to hear you

Your voice in my ear.

It’s joy...and it’s wisdom

Love without any fear.

Your voice is music, all rhythm and rhyme

Words that give life to my heart and my mind.


(Finish: Sing Octave Higher)

G           A7
Unabashed. Unashamed.

G               A7              D A7
Crying out your holy name. . . Jesus!

I want you.