G, D7, C

G          C       G     D7    C              D7
There is a face I always see, even when I am dreaming

G          C      G       D7   C                       D7
Lost in a crowd, or all alone, yours is the face I am seeing.


G          C        G      D7    C              D7
There is a voice I always hear, even when I am singing

G          C       G         D7    C                      D7
Deep in my heart, filling my mind. You are the truth I am hearing.


G              C        G       D7    C                            D7
Thank you, oh, Giver! Giver of Life. Thank you! I love you, I need you.

G        C        G        D7    C                        D7
You are words and music I sing. You are the song and the reason!



G                  D7
Father of Lights! Father of Lights!

C                      D7
You have no shadow of turning

G                     D7         G
Here in this place, before your face

C                      D7
You heard my deepest yearning

C                D7
Every good gift comes from above

C                 D7
You gave music — Creative God!

C                        D7
Thank you, Jesus! Great things you’ve done! ......


Father of Lights! You are worthy!