I had just done a lot of research and reading about Joan of Arc when I suddenly found myself betrayed from rather close and unexpected quarters. It's always a surprise to find out the people you love and are loyal to don't feel the same way about you. I think my generation has often been burned by our own willing service to selfish recipients. This is not an admirable trait. I have since learned to look for the people of God by seeing who loves in deed not just in word: people who put their money/time/resources where their mouth is. Love is not a statement of faith: it's an act of sacrifice.
This song was written after meditating on what my place is in the big picture.


E                            B7
I know that life isn’t ever fair

I don’t expect anyone to care

             A              E
All I ask is for a little strength

          B7             E
To stand upon my own two feet



      A             E
To face the fire, outlast the flame

             B7                 E
To ride the storm, and bear the pain

             A              E
To feel the thorn and maybe cry

           B7              E
But not to run, and not to lie

           A               E
And if I’m sold, not to be bought

                       B7       E
To live this life with all I’ve got.



E                     B7
I heard you ask if I believe

We can be more than what we see

          A              E
If we can hear the music play

             B7               E
It’s what we do, It’s what we say



E                             B7
What if this life is just the seed

Of what my soul can grow to be

          A               E
And if I save myself from pain

          B7             E
How can I have a song or name?