Some of my songs start out as stories or poetry. This is one of those, a poem written for my little girls who then drew pictures of a dragon, a princess, and a knightly king. It's uncomplicated musically, but is often a favorite with younger children. Who doesn't want to hear a story in song?


D          A7      D                      A7         D
This is a story about Love; the love of a man for a maid.

          A7          D       G                   A7
He was a king and a warrior, she was a beautiful slave.

D          G              A7     D       G            A7
He went a seeking a fair queen, worthy to rule beside him.

D                 G             A7
They came by the hundreds in splendor:

     G           A7        G           A7
The daughters of men, the daughters of men!


Our heroine fair, she had waited, drew water and worked in the field

The shadow of a great dragon came burning and raging to kill

She ran to the village and cried out, “my lord, the dragon comes near!”

Her voice rang out through the valley

And the Warrior King heard. The Warrior King heard.


“Westward, he comes with his anger to war with his master again.

Behind me, you shall find safety. The Dragon now comes to his end.”

The Beast had followed the Maiden. The King’s blade rang like a bell.

It flashed in the flames and the carnage.

And the Great Dragon fell. Yes, the Great Dragon fell!


When the smoke settled in silence, the Warrior King, standing alone

Cleaned his sword on the dead dragon, and mounted his horse to go home.

Then he saw in the shadows behind him, the Maid stood holding his shield

She alone had waited behind him.

Then the Warrior King said, the Warrior King said,

This is a story about Love; a true love that hears and believes.