Open Door

2010 - 2017

During 2010 through 2017 The Rising family was learning to live off the land. Beka was inspired by the beauty of her surroundings and the amazing provision of God’s creation. Our family also began to pray daily for the surrounding area in which we live, and this album includes some prayer songs. Many of our kid’s favorites are on this album, including, How Much I Love You, Open the Door, Green, and the House of King Jesus.

I Love the Way

D, G, A7 D G A7 D I love the way the snowflakes fall on my face and open palm GA7 – Bringing Winters lovely calm neath the pine trees &hellip

Sing for Me

A, D, E7 ADADA 1) If I gave the moon to light your eyes, the stars to decorate your skies D E7 . Horizons vast to set you free, to &hellip

Open the Door

A, D, E7 (E7) – A Open the door, Door Keeper. D- Set us apart, Soul Cleaner A E7E Comfort us, and cover your holy people A- Hear our prayer, &hellip

Let It Rain

G, C, D7, EM, AM, B7 G D7 G There were rainbows all reflecting in the puddles C D7 G And I saw rainbows, clear as day, across the sky &hellip

How Much I Love You

D, G, A7 D G A7 D Just like the earth loves the late rain and holds it dearly A7 D G A7 Just like the sky loves the bright &hellip

Come Friend and Foe

G, C, D7, Em—2nd Capo GEm G EM G Come friend and foe, come worship! Come worship with me, Em G Em G The King of the Ages and hope &hellip


(this song was co-written with the kids) A, D, E7, E AE7AE7ADA DAE7 All around me I see green; lifted hands of all the trees DADA Praise, they sing! Praise, &hellip

Everything I Need

A, D, E7 A E7 A Complicated —Lifes too complicated. D A Overrated —City lights are overrated. D A D So Im heading for the Tulies —And I tell you, &hellip


A, E7, D A E7 A E7 A I was bound up in all my sorrow, I was carrying my tomorrow ADA DAE7A When he said to me, I can &hellip

Mary’s Song

D A7 D My soul doth magnify the Lord. I rejoice in God my Savior GA7 D He saw me, in my low estate. Forever Ill be blessed G D &hellip

The House of King Jesus

A, D, E7 A D A D E7 This is the house of King Jesus. He is the Everlasting King A D A D E7 In this house we will &hellip