A                     D          A         D                       A
If I gave the moon to light your eyes, the stars to decorate your skies

                         D                  E7
Horizons vast to set you free, to bring you joy, a cup of mead. . .


Would you. . .would you sing for me?

           D                 A
Would you dance beneath the stars

          D                 A    E7   A
Would you give me all your heart and sing. . .

               E7  A
Would you sing for me?


If I left you flowers in valleys green and orchards full of fruited trees

Then taught the birds to sing a song of love to you at every dawn


If I warmed your skin with sun and gave an unexpected summer rain

Then brought you here to rest and dine on bread and butter, cheese and wine


Then if at last, when your song was sung I took you where the stars are hung

To dazzle you with worlds and moons inspired by your loving tunes


(final chorus)

E      A                         D
Would you. . .would you sing for me?

       A                E7
Once again beneath the stars

           A                         D D7 D
Would you hold my swelling heart and sing. . .

           A   E7  A
Would you sing for me?