(See the short story "The Persimmon Tree" in the book, "Love is the Potion.")

 When I was a child there was a persimmon tree in the woods behind our house. It always had a few fat, slightly intoxicated possums hanging by their tails July through August. To my young, inquiring mind, those possums became my "lillies of the field" example. I could see God's provision for the possums was completely satisfying. Later, in prayer, the idea occurred to me that God has provided for all of his creatures in the same way, but we become confused or twisted in our desires, wanting something different than what is best for us, or greedily hoard rotting persimmons that might satisfy another hungry soul. This song was born about the time we began, as a family, to look for our own persimmon tree.


A   E7  A
Complicated —Life’s too complicated.

    D                           A
Overrated —City lights are overrated.

                        D             A                D
So I’m heading for the Tulies —And I tell you, truly, truly

A         E7        A
I got everything I need.



Hey now, I got everything I need

    D                   E7       A
Hey now, said the possum to the tree,

            E7      A
I got everything I need.


A  E7 A
Situated — Find me situated,

      D                             A
Underrated —Where the beauty’s underrated

                    D                 A                D
On a mountain by a stream —Where the air is pure and clean

           E7       A
I got everything I need.


A        E7    A
Shore did hate it —Quit that under paying job.

      D                            A
I’m elated — Got my guitar and my dog.

                         D                 A                D
He’ll be howling at the moon — While I’m playing this here tune,

   A     E7         A
I got everything I need!