A   E7  A
Complicated —Life’s too complicated.

    D                           A
Overrated —City lights are overrated.

                        D             A                D
So I’m heading for the Tulies —And I tell you, truly, truly

A         E7        A
I got everything I need.



Hey now, I got everything I need

    D                   E7       A
Hey now, said the possum to the tree,

            E7      A
I got everything I need.


A  E7 A
Situated — Find me situated,

      D                             A
Underrated —Where the beauty’s underrated

                    D                 A                D
On a mountain by a stream —Where the air is pure and clean

           E7       A
I got everything I need.


A        E7    A
Shore did hate it —Quit that under paying job.

      D                            A
I’m elated — Got my guitar and my dog.

                         D                 A                D
He’ll be howling at the moon — While I’m playing this here tune,

   A     E7         A
I got everything I need!