We went through years of significant lack when we learned to pray for the next meal, each pair of shoes, and every gallon of gasoline. We stood together in the rain, hoping and praying for reprieve. It was a time of letting God engrave in our hearts the true meaning of loving the brethren; not in word, but in deed; a lesson for a time to come, much later down the road. The hardness of those years purchased eye salve and we learned to see in a way we never had before. God taught me that money might provide quick solutions, but it will never teach you the real answers. This song was one of those moments when my eyes were opened yet again to the wealth of obedient poverty.


G                        D7                G
There was lightening all reflecting in the puddles

C                            D7              G
  But I saw rainbows, clear as day, across the sky

          C                D7               G——C
Thru the thunder and the darkness of the downpour

         G                D7              G
I could sing when I saw sunlight in your eyes.

         EM                                   AM
Then the dark and stormy clouds that stood between us

        EM                      B7
Like a misty memory of fear and pain

      G          G7         C
They dissipated surely and completely

        G                D7              G
In the dazzling sunlight of your perfect day.

     C               D7              G            C          D7               G
Oh, You! You’re the sunshine in the storm. Yeah, You! In the cold you keep me warm

                     G7           C                 G             D7              G
I won’t worry, no—I will not be afraid. You’re the Master of the storm—so let it rain!



G                           D7              G
There was starlight in the darkest evening shadows

     C                          D7              G
And there was starlight by the trillions in the sky

C                  D7           G——C
When the moon was hidden after midnight

       G                 D7               G
I saw starlight shining brightly in your eyes

         EM                             AM
And the million miles of darkness in between us

         EM                                  B7
Couldn’t stop, it couldn’t hide the growing light.

G                        G7            C
I could feel you moving closer with a promise

G                       D7             G
Like a perfect morning chasing stormy night.

     C               D7            G           C               D7             G
Oh, You! You’re the dawning in my mind. Yeah, You! You’re the meaning in the rhyme

                     G7           C                 G             D7             G
I won’t worry, no—I will not be afraid. You’re the Master of the storm—so let it rain!