This song comes from a frequent prayer we pray for the Holy People: that God would open the door for them to "go out" - based on Revelation 3:7 and also the prophecy of the woman who is given wings of an eagle to fly away to a place prepared for her in Revelation 12. We sing this song as a prayer for ourselves and for those whose ears and eyes are open to God's leading. It is one of our most frequently sung songs as a family.


(E7)      A
Open the door, Door Keeper.

Set us apart, Soul Cleaner

        A                  E7    E
Comfort us, and cover your holy people

Hear our prayer, Deliverer

We’ll not doubt your rescue

       A                     E7         E
But we cry here waiting. . .waiting for you. . .



Hear us praise. . . (hallelujah!)

Hear us praise. . . (thank you, Jesus!)

        D                     A     E7   A
There’s no one worthy of our praise but you.

Hear us sing. . . (hallelujah!)

Hear us sing. . . (thank you, Jesus!)

    E7                    E      A-D-A
We look for your kingdom coming soon.


(E7)       A
Keep your promise, Truth Speaker

Answer us, Good Teacher

         A                    E7          E
There is no one good, there’s no one good but you!

So bring your kingdom coming

And you’ll find us running

          A                    E7         E
We’ll be running to Jesus. . .running to you!