D                   G              A7                  D
I love the way the snowflakes fall on my face and open palm

                  G            A7
Bringing Winter’s lovely calm ‘neath the pine trees standing tall.

   D              G                  A7                          G
I love the white around their feet, sun rays shining through the green

                    G             A7
Dark, wet bark that hides beneath and beyond, the red rock peaks. . .


D        G      D        A7    D      G         D      A7
All this beauty that you made, how it takes my breath away!

D       G       D     A7    G       A7    G      A7
You are lovely beyond words and the songs of the birds

D        G       A7          G
Praise, praise, praise your works.



D                    G            A7                        D
I love to find some hidden place behind the mountain’s rosy face,

                G                    A7
A secret valley where elk graze and swallows dive above the lake.

D                   G                  A7                           G
I love to count the kinds of flowers, taste the rose hips (sweet and sour)

           G                 A7
Watch the honeybees an hour ‘til the clouds roll in a shower. . .


D                 G           A7                          D
I love the way a summer rain scents the air with pine and sage,

               G        A7
How the colors saturate until I want to write or paint.

D               G                     A7                       G
I love the sun behind the clouds, the way the lightening walks around

                 G             A7
Gold and silver shining out, a brilliant rainbow arching down. . .