D                        A7                          D
My soul doth magnify the Lord. I rejoice in God my Savior

                     G          A7             D
He saw me, in my low estate. Forever I’ll be blessed

        G                   D       A7            D
He has done great things to me and “Holy” is his mighty name.

        G           D       A7              D
And his mercy is on all who fear him and believe!

D                                      A7                                     D
He has shown the great strength of his arm and scattered those who are proud in heart

                                    G         A7                      D
Casting down the mighty from their throne, He lifts the humble and the low!

         G                D                     A7             D
And the hungry, they are filled now. While the rich are empty sent away

       G                D       A7           D
By his mercy, kept his word to Abraham this day.


D         G             D           A7                  D A7 D
Thank you Jesus, God is with us! And he shall be called Immanuel

D          G             D              A7          D
Thank you Jesus, God is with us! Son of God, Son of Man!


Great wise men coming from afar, bearing precious gifts, following a star

Looking for the king Isaiah prophesied. Down to Bethlehem, underneath the light

They found a baby boy, faithful hearts await. Bow your head and hear - hear the angels say

Worship him! Your Messiah King, sleeping in the hay!

Shepherds watching o’er their flocks at night, laying on their backs, staring at the sky

Angels bring glad tidings from on high, “come and see the baby Christ!”

Not a palace, not a kingdom we could see with eyes of mortal clay

Came the Maker of Creation, sleeping in the hay!