D             G                    A7                 D
Just like the earth loves the late rain and holds it dearly

              A7            D                              G                  A7
Just like the sky loves the bright stars that light up her face, blessing the dark,

So we see clearly

             G     A7           D             G                              A7
And like the rain loves a good cloud, if you look up, I know that you’ll see how. . .

G      A7   D
Much I love you.


D            G                      A7                  D
Just like a flower loves the bright sun and girls love flowers

        A7                 D                    G                A7
Just like a laugh loves a good face, a heart and a rhyme love a good pace

Castles need towers

                G           A7        D        G                     A7
And like a gift, just for anyhow. Darling just listen, I’ll tell you how

G      A7   D
Much I love you!


D           G                 A7                     D
Just like a song says how you feel, just like a glad song

           A7                 D                 G               A7
And like a book when it’s all snow, blanket and tea, nowhere to go

Waiting, but not long.

            G        A7                        D                     G                                   
Like a picnic, the first day out is just what you need, come hear me say how. . .

G       A7     D
Much I love you.