2nd Capo

G     Em             G                  EM           G
Come friend and foe, come worship! Come worship with me,

    Em          G        Em            G
The King of the Ages and hope we shall see

                           C              G
The sky split asunder with light from the east

                Em        D7           G
The blast of a trumpet, a call to the feast.

    C      G         C     G     C                     D7
Oh, hallelujah! Oh, hallelujah! Hallelu, hallelu, hallelujah!

    G              Em        G       Em             D7            G
The Lamb that was slain has come to avenge with ten thousands of saints!


Come heav’nly hosts and worship! Come worship with me,

The Shepherd of Souls has returned as the King

A two-edged sword from his mouth when he speaks

A robe dipped in blood of the King’s enemies.


Come Faithful Ones and worship Come worship with me!

The Rescuing Savior has answered our plea

He’ll wipe all the tears away from our eyes

And cast down our torment: the Father of Lies.


Come Heaven and Earth and worship! Come worship with me!

And sing a new song to the Great King of Kings

Beloved of the Father, Christ Jesus the Son

The praise of his glory has scarcely begun!