Ink Stained Fingers

This year was continuation of the last as Beka’s musical inspiration just kept flowing like a river of song. She continued to pray for young people, the holy people, and contemplate the importance of leaving behind the love of the world to follow God alone. These themes all became song lyrics and some of Beka’s personal favorites were born: If, World Made New, Ink Stained Fingers, You Will Know Them, and You Were the One.


E B7 E If we would plant seeds that grow E B7 E If we would share what we know E E7 A If wed protect what we hold B7 &hellip

World Made New

(1) A D A D We were born in silence on the very last dark day A E7 A D There was nothing worthy, Darling, nothing left to save. A &hellip

Canyon Lands

A D A It was sunrise oer the canyon and a hawk screamed as it dove E7 Down the deep and winding canyon to a high and lofty home A &hellip

Come Back for Me

D G D I was stuck, in a darkness small and A confining, D G D But you asked if Id walk with you where the A sun was shining &hellip

At the Bottom Looking Up

E D This moment is a moment in your hand E B7 This is the solid ground on which I stand A B7 Remembering your goodness E A I will &hellip

You Will Know Them

A E7 Someone gave to me a drink of water E A Your blood made us children of the Father D I am learning how to be a daughter E7 &hellip


3rd capo -strum E A E I guess that I have learned how to survive A E To keep my balance with the changing tide A E A I can &hellip

Ink Stained Fingers

capo 3 G D7 G C D7 G There is a rescue coming soon—when “life” is written on the tomb C G D7 G In crayon by the children — &hellip


A D A E Your yoke is easy A D A E Your burden is light A D A E Your truth frees me A D E A Your word &hellip

You Were the One

D G D I kinda doubt God ever finds much fault Bm Em With the one who gives everything away Bm Em Instead of storing all of their crap up &hellip


E A We looked around and life was good E A So we breathed in all we could. B7 E Afraid that someday God might suffocate us A B7 Holding &hellip