D                 G                D
I kinda doubt God ever finds much fault

         Bm                        Em
With the one who gives everything away    

          Bm                     Em
Instead of storing all of their crap up

        A              A7             D
For the once appointed dark and rainy day.


          G                D
Now it’s pouring—Hear the lightening

          G          A
Feel the thunder—But wipe the rain away

     D                G                        
Your umbrella—Is his love dear

    A                 G     A     D
You are the one who— gave it all away.

 A                           G       A   D
You lived like the One who —gave it all away.



They always say God sees the heart and soul

Knows the things we love and what we hope

Finds the life like Christ not lived in vain

He knows you covered others in the rain.


I think I know what God looks like up close

Holding onto all that matters most

Now I see that giving has got to be more blessed

And oh, how sweet must be the giver’s rest!