A                                    D                    A
It was sunrise o’er the canyon and a hawk screamed as it dove

Down the deep and winding canyon to a high and lofty home

A                                     D             A
There in the glorious morning, in the colors of the sun

                             E7                  A
I found a pattern waiting, a song carved out in stone.


A                                   D                 A
Stars twinkled in the blanket that covered the deep ancient

Grand Canyon valley where I learned to read the sky

A                               D                   A  
In the darkness of the forest I heard the screech-owl warning

                          E7                    A
To always keep on looking for the Maker of the night


D                         A                      D         E7
I saw you standing in the mountain. I heard you speaking on the canyon floor

           A                     D            A            E7                A
The stones were singing that you are lovely. And I want to find and know you more.



A                                     D                A
I heard a young girl singing beside the rain-streaked canyon

Her song was like the music I heard in my own mind

A                            D            A
She stood with the mountains in timeless beauty

                             E7              A
Hands raised in worship, she laughed and she cried.