Yeah, you've been there, haven't you? At the bottom of the finances, the family politics, the relationship you've worked so hard to maintain, the project you spent so much time on? It's easy for me, at the bottom, to look down instead of up; to focus on the depth of the mess I'm in, and be overwhelmed. One time, at the bottom, I decided I needed a song to sing that would help me remember to look up instead of down when I get in a pickle. It's actually helped me a lot to reach into my heart for this song and sing it aloud. It's usually right there, at the bottom, that God's hand reaches out in obvious deliverance.


E                                 D
This moment is a moment in your hand

E                                B7
This is the solid ground on which I stand

A                 B7
Remembering your goodness

E           A
I will not faint

E            B7          E
I believe my Father has not changed

E                                  D
At the bottom now, at the bottom, looking up

E                                         B7
At the One who bore my stripes and drank that cup

A               B7
I will see your wonders

E           A
I will not fear

If you are staying, I’m staying, we’re staying right here.


      D    (G)                      D7
It’s the sea of Galilee I’m walking now

        G               D7
From the High and Holy hill, looking down

G                    A7
I’m in the fire with you

D              G
This the upper room     

D                            G
I’m not leaving, not anytime soon

      D           A7            D    
This moment is a moment in your hand.


G                          D
Born into a body that will die—

G                        D7
Born again into forever life

G                               D   G
Hear this newborn take a breath and cry,

     D          G              D           A        D
Abba teach me, Abba teach me, Abba teach me how to stand

G                A7             D
This moment is a moment in your hand.


G                    D
I thank you, yeah, thank you for this place

G                   D7
And I bless you, I bless your holy name

G                                     D   G
I believe you are good and so I pray, I pray. . .

 D             G              D                A    D
Abba teach me, Abba teach me, I don’t need to understand

G                A7             D
This moment is a moment in your hand.