E                 A
We looked around and life was good

E               A
So we breathed in all we could.

B7                               E
Afraid that someday God might suffocate us

A                B7
Holding all that we could keep

A                B7
Never letting go of ‘me’

Found ourselves expiring in a dead pool.



A                     B7
Exhale! Don’t forget to breathe

A         B7
Exhale! Gratitude brings peace

A                B7
Let it all flow through

     E                        A                       
You can’t take that stuff with you.

B7                       E
Oh, oh, oh, oh, oh. . .Exhale.



I guess we thought that there would be

Another day for us to breathe

A time when we would give out of our plenty

When we’d have breath enough to spare

To fill balloons with excess air...

Instead somehow we’re locked outside the party.


I learned to breathe out my lack

And found the space to receive back

And know the generosity of his peace

My darkened vision is now clear

A glorious future has appeared

And oh, the wonder of the breath God gave me!